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Hello my name is Debora Burr, and I have worked as a freelance illustrator and designer for the past 27 years.
I originally began as a graphic designer, creating logos and adverts, as well as brochures and packaging. I have in the past, freelanced for numerous companies ranging from the large corporate, public relations, printers and newspapers as well as small businesses.
About 20 years ago while cold calling for new work as you do when you have a quite spell, I rang on the off chance a local children’s publisher and much to my surprise received regular work from them.
After this initial work I started to work closely with a few children's book packaging companies, working on concept, design and production of children’s picture books. The advantage of being involved in all aspects of how a book is created through to the finished book and also being generously invited to the Book fairs to see how the books are presented and sold, I think would give anyone a good understanding of what is required for a children’s book.

Debora Burr illustrator

With knowledge gleaned from this work I set about designing and illustrating my first book, with dummy book in hand I presented my first attempt at a children’s picture book to a publisher.
Now if this was a Hollywood film the book would be an instantly snatched from my grasp by grateful publisher and gone on to become a best seller but alas no after showing at the children's book fair in Bologna then six months later at the world book fair in Frankfurt it died a death.
Not one to give up I took on board all the feedback received from publisher and buyers at both fairs and went back to the drawing board and tried again. With some changes to the format and layout of the book my 3rd attempt sold.
The excitement of seeing my first book in print was amazing, made even more special by the fact some where around the world a child would be reading a book I had created. Since that first book, I have designed and illustrated many more, ranging from novelty board to educational books and have been published internationally and translated in over 15+ languages.

Listed below are just some of the Publishers I have worked closely with,
and also a few of the publisher's that have been kind enough to publish my books and commission my illustrations.

* Emma Treehouse
* Small world Creations
* Teeney books
* Pinwheel publishing

* Victoria House
* Books are Fun
* Egmont Group
* Hachette Jeunesse
* DeAgostini

* Editions Lito
* Alma Littera
* Satukustannus
* Ucila

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